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Our Industrial Solutions

Wherever fluid technology is required in conjunction with electronics and engineering, HYDAC is your reliable partner.

Filtration technology

Hydraulic accumulators



Advanced Air Treatment Solutions

Final filters for industrial and medical use

HEPA and ULPA Filters

EN1822 filters for Hi-Tech facilities, filters for medical and pharmaceutical facilities

Filters for Gas Turbines

Clean air solutions for GT power plants and large air quality demands

Carbon Filters

Gas absorption technology for laboratories, filters for exhaust air and air purifiers

Clean air solutions for laboratories, industrial and clean-tech pharma, smicon, optics

Fan Filter Units- FFU

Clean-rooms Filtration, mini environment, tents and negative pressure areas

Fume Hoods & Laminar

Clean air solutions for GT power plants and large air quantity demands.

Safe Change Chamber

BIBO safe filter replacement system at the highest standards, for CBRN hazards.

Certified excellent product quality

Ultra-high-pressure thermoplastic hoses with spiralized steel wire reinforcements for pressure

VCI Corrosion Protection Packaging for Industry

Effective VCI Corrosion Solutions for Every Need
VCI Paper

VCI Paper

VCI papers for protection of ferrous, non-ferrous, and mulit-metal parts and components.



Flexible, greaseproof, waterproof barrier material for protection of underground piping in corrosive or severe environments.

VCI Emitters

VCI Emitters

Devices that emit VCI compounds protect recessed areas within a package or enclosed space.

Environmentally Friendly VCI​

Environmentally Friendly VCI

Clean, Effective, Environmentally Friendly VCI Solutions. Natural, bio-based VCI products that protect your metal parts and are safe for you and the environment.

VCI Liquids & Rust Removers​

VCI Liquids & Rust Removers

Rust preventive liquids, oils, and coatings prevent rust on exposed metals and unpainted metal parts.

VCI Poly Films & Bags

VCI Poly Films & Bags

Strong, flexible, water-resistant VCI films are available in sheeting, flat, recloseable, and gusseted bags, tubing, and custom sizes.